machined aluminum confines.

Expand uptime with a simple to-introduce and fast to-keep up with

answer for supplant strong unit lodgings:

• Simple mounting technique incorporates an imaginative pen

cut plan.

• Easy bearing substitution further develops uptime.

• Operate at higher velocities, temperature and speed increase

because of an exactness machined metal enclosure that decreases

confine disappointment.

• Perform longer because of a vigorous platform configuration highlighting

twofold networks and thick areas of high-grade cast iron.

• Profiled moving components further develop execution by decreasing

harming edge pressure.

• Handle a scope of working conditions with eight

application seal plans.

• Closely match load necessities with extraordinarily designed


• Choose from lodging styles intended for various


• Dimensionally exchangeable with split to the shaft

roller bearings.

• Dimensionally exchangeable with SN/SD/SAF lodgings.

• Expert designing assistance and backing.

• Quick-fit plan accessible for strong square changes.

One strong plan – A tough, accuracy machined, window-type metal

confine conveys solid execution in cruel working conditions

also, requesting applications.

There is no standard plan across their list range. An assortment

of less powerful plans incorporates polyamide, squeezed steel, bite the dust cast and

Quick gathering and simple upkeep – An inventive incorporated enclosure

joint clasp makes simple gathering.

The c-area spring confine cut is a different piece that can be troublesome

to fit and effortlessly lost.

More grounded – Robust help platforms and lodgings are produced using

HT250 grade cast press and adjust to BS EN1561. EN-GJS-450-10 grade

malleable iron additionally is accessible.

Backing platforms and lodgings produced using HT220 grade cast iron are

more fragile because of lower rigidity. EN-GJS-400 grade flexible iron is

less powerful than the grade utilized by Timken.

Most effortless establishment – A calculated SNQ/SDQ/SAFQ support platform

simplifies establishment and quick. Cooper Split Bearing The platform slides under the shaft

killing the need to raise it and eliminate a drive to introduce a bearing.

A wide scope of sizes is accessible. The SAFQ platform is produced using

SG iron.

There is no item offering accessible presently.

All around ensured – There are many fixing choices. High-temperature

safe ATL triple maze seals perform dependably in forceful conditions. KPS Kevlar® pressing seals or high-temperature flinger seals

may withstand even the harshest conditions.

The scope of fixing alternatives is restricted. Standard ATL Seals are not

appropriate for high-temperature activity. There is no Kevlar or flinger

seal alternative.

Timken bearings and lodgings might be mounted in an assortment

of help units as per the application and stacking

requirements. Various variations are accessible as standard sorts

with other unit types accessible on demand. Timken offers a plan

what’s more, fabricating office to create custom units to cover more

specific applications.


This is by a long shot the most well known strategy for mounting Timken units.

These backings are made from high strength, ASTM

48A grade 35 cast iron. This, joined with the hearty plan,

gives a steady, unbending base, permitting the split bearing fitted to

give ideal execution.