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When I install a laminate floor and do not take off the baseboard can I slide the flooring under the baseboard if I can keep a 1/4″ space along the walls and the flooring. Something as simple as a molding can really make all the difference to the overall effect of your new laminate flooring project. Putting in laminate flooring moldings is often an afterthought to some, but the finished visual effect it creates is more often than not the defining feature of the completed project.

The more stable the subfloor, the thinner the laminate flooring you need. Thicker laminate flooring is best suited for areas where there may be as wood subfloor, slight unevenness or where sound is a factor, such as in homes or small offices. Laminate flooring is one of the great developments in home improvement of the past 50 years. It’s inexpensive, durable and prefinished, but best of all, an intermediate DIYer can install it with just a few tools. Most of the various styles are installed by just snapping together the planks-no glue or fasteners required. Laminate floors today take on incredibly realistic wood and tile visuals and are far from cheap looking.

Solid hardwood looks virtually never goes out of style and is always a safe option. A great and unexpected look is to lay the laminate at an angle rather than the traditional straight. This angle gives the illusion for expensive flooring which might not necessarily be the case. Laminate technology has advanced dramatically since its introduction in the market and it’s difficult to point a hardwood look that you can’t get in the laminate. Exotic hardwoods are popular among the elite who have no qualms about importing from exotic locations. You can get the same look for a fraction of the cost as long as you are willing to fork out for premium laminate.

Beyond the laminate flooring design, there are a few extra features that you can choose from when buying your laminate flooring. The features you choose affect what type of underlayment you need , and how well your flooring will stand up to moisture. After you have selected which laminate flooring design you want on your laminate flooring, you must also decide on the style. It mimics natural, hardwood floors with a distinct wood texture.

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The Center for Health Design’s review of research notes that though some studies point to carpet being vulnerable to fungi and bacteria contamination, the results are conflicting. Some find higher concentrations above carpeted floors and others above hard flooring, suggesting further study is required. Laminate flooring is not suitable in basements that have flooding problems, or even moisture due to excess humidity in the basement. Linoleum and vinyl floors are also an excellent option for basements. With carpet, a higher, plusher pile tends to equal greater expense, and wool is the most expensive fiber used in the flooring.

Make sure you dry the floor if you wish to damp mop certain areas as accumulation of moisture might affect lifespan of laminate flooring. The designs and colors of laminate flooring also will not fade off or turn yellowish when exposed to sunlight. Here we have listed out some important benefits of laminate flooring that you might want to look into.

As a rule, all laminate is considered to be more durable than carpet, and most exceed the durability of hardwood floors as well. In areas with high foot traffic, especially by children or pets, or in commercial locations, laminate floors can be extremely impact, scratch and stain resistant. High durability cheap laminate wood flooring is always going to be available. Here is where the variety becomes good for you, because you could spend even less money for a floor with less thickness, or a lower AC rating. That’s a scale used to convey the durability of laminate flooring. Higher AC ratings tend to come with more expensive floors, though ours are always at least 3 out of 5, which is the highest rating for residential uses.

laminate wood flooring will look as good as the real deal, without the hefty price tag attached to it. Not just that, the maintenance of laminate floors is not intensive, meaning it is not just affordable to install, but also to maintain it for years. cheap laminate flooring is made from four different layers that have been fused with intense pressure and extremely high heat.

There’s no way around it; if you want wood floors, you’re going to have to pay for them. That’s true whether you’re buying expensive hardwood surfaces like teak flooring and ebony flooring, or more affordable softwood options like Douglas fir flooring. While laminate and engineered wood may sometimes have fiberboard layers, they’re completely different types of flooring. Engineered wood sports a thick veneer of real solid wood—essentially kicking it out of the fake wood flooring club. So while it may have gotten a bad reputation for looking cheap or fake a few decades ago, modern laminate flooring is durable, affordable, and gorgeous.